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Tracker Network Changelog February 2024

We continue our work this year with fresh new updates!


Next Level Detailed Match Reports on Fortnite Tracker

We were excited to introduce a brand new, major feature on Fortnite Tracker. The Replays Viewer!

A brand new way of checking your Fortnite stats on a deeper level. Loadouts, full roster stats, performance and the works. There is a lot to cover with this one, so you can check more details about it here.

Jungle Timers Feature Now Live on League Tracker App

One of the most beloved and awaited features we received requests for is the Jungle Timers feature on the mini-map.

Well, this month we released an update with that, among other improvements to make the app even better. It will also adapt to different sizes of the mini-map based on your preferences. Doesn't matter if you are a Jungler or ADC, you will always know when the next dragon comes next.

Being on top of everything that happens in the match is now even better and easier with the Leaguer Tracker app.

Get more details and download our PC app for League of Legends here.

Everything Else Across Tracker Network:


[General] You can now click on nicknames in profiles to copy to clipboard.
[General] Improved viewability of pages and dropdown mechanism on mobile web.
[Destiny 2] Added "Defeats" stat to Leaderboards and profile.
[Destiny 2] Improved the experience when navigating between certain pages.
[BF2042] Fixed an issue with missing item names.
[CS2] Fixed an issue with KAST Percentile.
[League of Legends] Fixed a filtering issue when navigating between different tabs on profiles.
[Valorant] Fixed an issue with France Premier leaderboard leading to US West leaderboard.
[Valorant] Fixed a visual bug that caused some victories (by surrender) to appear as draws.
[Fortnite] Added 2023 PR to Profile Events page widget.
[Fortnite] Fixed an issue with "Pro" tags when searching for a player.
[Fortnite] Fixed issue with Festival Leaderboards being frozen in their Season 1 state.

Mobile App

[General] Added Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V stats to the mobile app.
[General] Under-the-hood improvements to the overall experience in the app.
[General] We improved the game account linking process. A much smoother experience is now live.
[XP] We will now show you better status notification based on different outcomes and scenarios. Including Streak progress, Tier promotions, and more.
[Valorant] Premier: Added Roster and Bracket tabs.
[League of Legends] In your Champion Mastery page under your profile, we fixed a bug that disabled you from switching to different graphs other than "LP Change".
[Fortnite] Replaced "Leaderboards" with "Shop" in the main navigation bar.

Desktop Apps

[R6 Siege] "Played With/ Against" counter returns to the live match page.
[R6 Siege] Match history and reports are fixed after event outages.
[R6 Siege] Post-match operator, map, weapon, ally/rival stats are fixed after event outages.
[R6 Siege] Improved local user detection and auto account linking.
[R6 Siege] Additional reliability and overall improvements.
[CS2] Added live match support for Arms Race.
[CS2] Improved Live Match behavior if the app was launched mid-match.
[Fortnite] Some internal updates.
[League of Legends] NEW FEATURE: Jungle Timers!
[League of Legends] Major update: Many under-the-hood changes to the app's core to improve the overall experience, speed, and scalability.
[League of Legends] Fixed an issue with the live scoreboard widget for premium users.

⚡ Learn more about our Mobile and Desktop apps here.


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3 months ago

And what about the Cod black ops cold war Gunfight stats?


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