Battlefield Tracker Network

We're very excited to announce we will be returning for Battlefield 5.

We are hard at work on a brand new site, fully redesigned, fully re-developed to bring you the best possible stats experience! All the same stats and leaderboards you know and love!

We hope to launch on the official Launch day, we'll keep you updated as the time draws near!

Our Insights pages weren't loading because of too much data. We have updated it and it's working now. Great way to see which new weapons and vehicles are popular!

We have updated the site to support the new Turning Tides maps!

DLC Maps have been added. Also the max rank has been increased. Enjoy!

We back - Read more

Please read if you're experiencing issues with BTR Score or Rounds Played.

Sorry for the delay - but we now track the new DLC weapons! Check your stats page. They will start appearing on the live tracker as well.

Battlefield 1 Leaderboards

# Gamer BTR Score
1 ThorstenMFger
Top 1%
2 DouyuTvxiaoyequ
Top 1%
3 jjhonn007
Top 1%
4 AuMreaching7king
Top 1%
5 BattlefieldB0ss1
Top 1%
6 WhiteKnight 126
Top 1%
7 exMasterNQQB
Top 1%
8 ltd_MyStErIoUs
Top 1%
9 92_Ca0XianSheng
Top 1%
10 LiuGang1990
Top 1%
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