Fort Vaux was a fortress situated near the battlefield of the Battle of Verdun. Judging by concept art released by DICE, it should be well-represented in the March DLC. Normally staffed by 150 men, Fort Vaux quickly held up to 600 French soldiers as they defended against a German offensive. Here's 2 things to know:

  1. Fort Vaux was the site of the first major engagement inside a fortress during World War 1. After multiple attacks, the German forces finally made their way inside where French defenders built multiple sandbag barriers inside the underground tunnels of the the fort. Fighting was brutal, involving poison gas and flamethrowers, however the Germans never overran the French. Rather, the French ran out of water and supplies leading to their surrender. After the surrender of Fort Vaux, the French launched a counteroffensive to reclaim the Fort. It switched hands several times during the war and should be represented in Battlefield 1 as a site of intense combat.

  2. Fort Vaux was predominately an underground fortress so we expect to see a maze of underground tunnels with heavily defended barricades and stations. Fort Vaux seems to be an ideal map for Operations mode, so we're hoping to see the Battle of Verdun included as an Operations campaign with Fort Vaux being an integral map. In the words of one historian, Fort Vaux was the site of "hellish underground fighting of a scale and intensity that occurred nowhere else on the Western Front".

Are you ready to take the fight underground?