"They Shall Not Pass"

This phrase was famously used by French General Robert Nivelle during the real world Battle of Verdun, a battle which will be included in the upcoming March DLC. Here's 5 things about the Battle of Verdun that might make it into the new content:

1. Weather. In the real battle, weather delayed the Germans and hindered their attack against France.

2. Artillery. The initial German plan was to first attack a strategically-located area where artillery could be deployed and then shell the French forces entrenched at Verdun. As the battle dragged on, many German ground forces were redeployed elsewhere, increasing the focus on ranged artillery assaults. 33 munitions trains delivered artillery ammunition each day.

3. Chaos. The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest (over 300 days) and costliest battles in history. Casualty estimates approach 1,000,000 (over 3,300 casualties per day). A French officer, who would be later killed, described the battle: "Humanity is mad. It must be mad to do what it is doing. What a massacre! What scenes of horror and carnage! I cannot find words to translate my impressions. Hell cannot be so terrible. Men are mad!

Join us tomorrow for Part 2 of our look into the upcoming DLC!