We caught up with Danny ‘Soltek1h’ Miller (twitch.tv/soltek1h) who consistently ranks #1 in the leaderboards for Battlefield 1.

  1. “Check your stats often. I check BF Tracker all of the time, right before I sign in and again when I log off.”

  2. "Ambition as a gamer is why I’m so successful and why I desire to be a top player and can dedicate countless hours to playing and honing skills. This dedication is also reflected in my commitment to using only the best gaming gear, SteelSeries.”

  3. “Communication and continuous chemistry between teammates is what leads to wins. When playing a game like Battlefield, it is important to have a good team that you play well with. I usually am in a party with a few other people where we are all communicating via Discord.”

  4. “My go-to weapon is the Automatico m1918 Trench. This is because I feel that its rapid fire and accuracy is well-balanced and I can get kills very easily up close or at a distance if I need to.”

  5. “K/D ratio and win percentage are crucial. K/D exemplifies individual skill while winning exemplifies one's ability to work well with a team to focus on objective based gameplay.”

We’d like to thank soltek1h for his time and thank his sponsors, Discord and SteelSeries, for sharing him with us. What are your top 5 gameplay tips? Let us know in the comments below!