There's no doubt that Battlefield 1 got off to a great start but will the trend hold? Here's 2 reasons why the March '17 DLC might be make or break. Don't forget to like share and comment! Let us know your thoughts.

  1. According to the graph, which measures the amount of time people spend playing the game, popularity has been consistently trending downward among console players. PC players, on the other, seem to on the way up. While this may not seem substantial at first, don't forget that rumor has it another Battlefield won't be coming out until 2 years after the release of Battlefield 1. This means DICE has to keep the player base energized for 2 years.

  2. Microtransactions, microtransactions, microtransactions. Let's face it, its the future of gaming revenue. With just under 2 years still to go, can Battlefield 1's in-game purchasing keep the money coming in? If the March DLC fails to keep the player base energized could the momentum turn back towards the upcoming Call of Duty 2017 release?

Could this be a huge turning point for Battlefield 1? Let us know what you think in the comments below.