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Battlefield 1 LFG (Looking for Group)


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Name Needed Players Region Microphone

Skilled 5v5 team recruiting top tier players
Flownominall- Score/Min: 942.46 K/D Ratio: 2.14 Playstation — Domination —
3 North America Yes

Bourn3-Tac0z Score/Min: 1,191.73 K/D Ratio: 1.39 Playstation — Conquest —
3 North America Yes

The =Balls of Steel= CLan is looking for new Members! [GER]
2Fast2Jumpen Score/Min: 1,569.41 K/D Ratio: 7.54 PC — Rush —
5 Europe Yes

Ex BF pro gamer is LF competetive players/groups or clan
Limette18 Score/Min: 1,626.99 K/D Ratio: 3.91 PC — Conquest —
5 Europe Yes