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TRN WEEKLY: October 25, 2020

More charity tournaments, and updates to Valorant and Warzone apps!

Destiny 2 Charity Tournament

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is our partner for the next Destiny 2 Tournament in partnership with Thieves Den, now alongside Papaya Sugar and Maddox.

This is a no sniper tournament, and you can register by contacting Maddox, or through Discord.

Last week we raised $2,000 for The Trevor Project, and we are very proud of the community. We want to continue working with charities and raise awareness for day to day and global issues. Gaming connects us all.

The latest Valorant App Update Brings More Data With It.

Since the app launch, we received all sorts of feedback about the app and site, and this is all still a work in progress.

Technology offers us more opportunities these days, and with the latest app update, we were able to provide almost everything you requested in the past few weeks.

We wrote more about the changelog here, and you can download the app for free.

Warzone App Updates

We've got some changes now live in the Warzone Tracker App, and we are working on some more surprises we hope to reveal very soon.

  • The important information about the application is now available on the new "App Info" page.
  • Player stats will be updated automatically every 10 minutes.
  • The countdown until the next stats update is now displayed in the application and the new force refresh button.
  • If you are already a TRN Premium member, you will now have your Premium benefits activated in the app too!

The app is available for free, of course.

Please share your feedback with us, and let us know what you think! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get all the latest TRN news, announcements, and data insights.


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