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Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn Dev Notes

The next season of Battlefield is just around the corner.

In the latest update from the vehicles team at Battlefield 2042, exciting quality of life improvements are set to enhance the gaming experience. With a focus on addressing player feedback and evolving vehicle gameplay, these changes aim to redefine the roles and loadouts of vehicles in the game.

One of the key concerns raised by players was the excessive use of explosive weaponry, which often overshadowed other strategic choices. The vehicles team acknowledges this issue and believes that explosives should be a deliberate and tactical option, rather than the default choice for all vehicles. The prevalence of explosives not only disrupted infantry gameplay but also undermined the importance of selecting vehicles that align with the team's current needs.

To address these concerns, the team is restructuring vehicle loadouts to establish clear combat roles for each vehicle. This adjustment will improve the readability on the battlefield, allowing players to anticipate the capabilities of encountered vehicles more effectively.

The restructuring primarily focuses on ground vehicles, introducing both the removal and addition of weapons to each vehicle's loadout. Explosives will no longer be universally available for all vehicles, providing players with a wider selection of weapons to choose from.

While not unveiling all loadout changes, the team provided a glimpse into a few examples of impactful modifications. For instance, the LATV4 Recon, a frequently used vehicle, had explosives removed to restore its intended role as a transport. In its place, anti-infantry weaponry will be added. Similarly, the Wildcat, originally designed as an Anti-Air vehicle, had its 57mm Cannon replaced with 35mm Dual AA Cannons to reinforce its intended purpose.

Additionally, the ELCB-Ram will be moved from Light Armor to the Heavy Armor category, making it more accessible alongside the Wildcat for their designated roles. The M5C Bolte, designed for active gameplay rather than stationary long-range attacks, will receive impenetrable glass and spotting capabilities for passengers. Its weaponry will be adjusted, with the removal of the 30mm Cannon and the inclusion of a 50mm Cannon and a 40mm incendiary Grenade Launcher.

Moreover, the update brings the highly anticipated addition of thermal sights for vehicles, offering players the option to choose between thermals and optical zoom on certain vehicle weapons stations. This feature will significantly enhance team coordination and spotting of enemies or their gadgets, such as Anti-Tank Mines.

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Jet gameplay has also been addressed in response to player feedback. Improvements have been made to enhance responsiveness and control during flight, particularly in dogfights. Camera movement adjustments have been implemented to establish a stronger connection between players and their jets. Furthermore, the reintroduction of vehicle control while using the rearview camera ensures a more engaging and dynamic experience.

The update also introduces Rocket Pods to jet loadouts, ensuring jets remain useful even in the absence of enemy jets or dogfighting opportunities.

Additional changes include the reintroduction of the decouple aim from turning option for tanks, granting players more control over their Heavy Armor. The STAFF Shell for tanks has been reworked to no longer auto-lock onto ground vehicles but can now deal extra damage to all laser designated targets. This change promotes teamwork and strategic coordination among tank crews for more powerful offensive maneuvers.

Furthermore, the Cyber Warfare Protection System, previously exclusive to the CAV-Brawler, will now be available as a loadout option for all vehicles except the LATV4 Recon.

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