Weekend Update - The big fix

This weekend was extremely productive, and some major issues were resolved.

Lets start with the most important, top 2:

  • Everyone can find their profile. Prior to this weekend, anyone who didn't play BF4 or BF:H could not easily find their profile. They had to go through a long complicated set of steps. This is no longer. Everyone can be found now. GO SEARCH!
  • Resupplies: We now have that. Go check your profiles. Resupplies have been added. (give percentiles a few days to even out as all profiles are updated)

In addition to that, we have lots of small updates:

New Stats

  • Healing Per Minute
  • Ace Squad
  • Times MVP
  • Squad Score
  • Orders Completed
  • Orders Completed Per Game
  • Squad Spawns
  • Squad Wipes
  • Death Match, War Pigeons, and Operations game modes tracking (although may not be perfect)

Teams Updates

  • Stats table is now configurable
  • style clean up

    We want to continue to build on this. Please continue to report your requests!