The newest custom game to hit Battlefield 1 is called Armored Kill and it's a welcome change of pace and incredibly fun. Sharing both its name and its penchant for open maps and vehicular combat with Battlefield 3's third expansion pack, Armored Kill is a conquest match removing the entire sniper class and primary medic weapons (read: Designated Marksman Rifles). Replacing them are an increased number of vehicles (a faster respawn rate) and extra field and anti-aircraft guns.

Key Details:

  1. The absence of DMR medic weapons and snipers opens the map up significantly as players are able to cross long distances without receiving incoming rifle fire. Remaining on a fixed gun such as the AA is far easier without a being constantly lined up in a sniper's crosshairs giving you plenty of time to practice in perfect your skill at bringing down aircraft.

  2. The emphasis on vehicular combat is fun but the greatest effect seems to be on aerial combat versus ground combat. Don't expect any large scale tank battles however if you're a fighter ace or love long bombing runs you won't be disappointed.

  3. With the adjustment to weapons the only 4X zoom optical sight is found in the support class on an LMG and several 2.5X optical sights are found in the assault class. Medics, you're restricted to pistols only.

  4. The only downside is that infantry combat is sparse and less-intense. Often it feels as if the server is nearly empty however upon checking it's full. The upside is the freedom to try new weapons and tactics without being sniped. It's surprisingly refreshing to play through the maps without the glint of sniper scopes sparkling a hillside as if it were checkered with diamonds.

What's your take on Armored Kill? Let us know and don't miss out on the chance to jump start your tanker or pilot kit score!