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We get a lot of questions about BTR Score, so here is a quick F.A.Q

Q)What is BTR Score?
A) Every time your stats are updated, we calculate the difference between now and the last update. So if you had 200 kills before, and you have 300 kills now, we look at the 100 kill difference. Using these differences, we calculate a score for you for that block of time.

Q) What metrics are apart of BTR Score?
A) We like to keep this a secret so hackers don't try to take advantage of our score. But, we will admit, it looks at K/d, and Win % very heavily.

Q) BTR Score benefits people who play more and grind.
A) Up until now this is true. When your score is low ( below 70,000), you get some points almost every game. So people who play more, have more points. But the higher your score gets, the harder it is to move up, and the more harsh the score gets for bad performance. This is can be proven.

Scenario 1: Me ~800 BTR

In this game, I had 2 kills, 6 deaths, and lost. Really bad!! But I got +1 BTR Score. In this game, I was positive KD, and won, and got + 24 BTR Score. I was rewarded in both games, but much more so for doing well.

Scenario 2: Top Player >70,000 BTR

Now, lets look at one of the top players. This player has more than 70,000 BTR Score. In this game they had a 1.80 KD, but they lost. so they lost -6 BTR. They played better than me, but got less BTR Score because they are at a higher level and we expect them to play better.

Conclusion: Not enough time has passed. In the next few weeks and months, as more people catch up and play, the people who are not good enough will start losing BTR Score and the best players will continue to do well and advance. Until then, the best players will advance quickly, and players like me who are bad, will advance very slowly :(

Q) I have more questions
A) Reply to this post and we'll try to answer!


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I searched the leaderboards a number of times but I can't find myself on any board not even in my city, why is that?

Gilian Geschiere
Gilian Geschiere

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You have to add your character first before it shows up on the leaderboards I think. Not really sure anymore how I did it. doesn't track everyone automatically at least.
If you already did that then I don't know what's up.